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Hydrotherapy Relax & Rejuvenate

For thousands of years, people have found comfort in natural, hot springs. They still do, in areas where they naturally occur. Fortunately, for those of us not living near a natural hot spring we have a man made solution, namely a hot tub or spa. So we can all benefit from the rejuvenating properties of hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy fundamentally consists of three elements - buoyancy, heat and massage.

In water your body is only about one tenth of it’s weight due to buoyancy. This means your muscles, tendons and ligaments can relax because they are not supporting your normal weight. The heat of the water and the massage provided by the jets, aimed at specific areas of the body, stimulate your blood circulation, bringing increased oxygen and nutrients to soothe your tired and aching muscles.

Owning your own hot tub means you can relax and rejuvenate your body whenever you want. At Panache Pools we offer a comprehensive range of hot tubs, offering different seating options and jet configurations so you have the choice to own a spa that best suits your own personal requirements.

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